Gray Nicolls Crest Legend Ball


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Gray-Nicolls wanted to create two distinct ball ranges for 2019 with different price points and different levels. The Crown range is hand stitched, while the Crest is more affordable but still fantastically performing machine stitched ball.

The Crest Legend is a ball that would not look out of place in international cricket. As mentioned, the ball is machine stitched with high-quality thread, ensuring it will keep its structural integrity deep into the game.

We’ve used a premium quality English Alum tanned leather that is a beautiful material, perfect for our top-level balls. The cricket ball promises to swing for longer thanks to its four-piece construction – ensuring the battle between bat and ball is a fair one.

The core of the ball is made from grade 1 cork, ensuring the ball will remain harder for longer. A hard ball makes for good bowling and value for shots when batting – a win-win.

A lacquered finish gives the ball a nice look and lovely feel in hand, so if you are looking for a superb white cricket ball (the only colour this comes in), the Crest Legend is for you.


  • Premium quality English Alum tanned leather for long-lasting performance
  • Machine stitched with a high-quality thread enabling the ball to keep its shape
  • Grade 1 cork core will keep the ball harder for longer
  • Four piece construction allows the ball to swing for longer
  • Durable lacquered finish to give the ball a longer-lasting shine
  • Soft shell lining

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