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Packed with the ultimate balance between performance, pick up and class!

Crafted using only the finest genuine English Willow grown in the UK, the Zenith uses an optimal balance between performance and pick-up, using a mid sweet-spotted, full shaped profile. Minimal concaving allows for a more forgiving centre often associated with a superb performing cricket bat, also giving forgiveness on timing. Whether you are an aggressive player or not, this bat’s large profile should always aid you in clearing the boundaries.

Handcrafted with total care and attention in the UK by our master craftsman to bring the very best out of the willow.

 Mid Sweetspot (Joe Root Replica Shape)

 All Black Label & Grade 1 (Limited Edition) bats are 100% UK handmade & grown from the finest English Willow. ??

 Exceptional performance/ping, with all bats being made with minimal concaving, to give a wide & forgiving sweetspot.

 Huge Profile – Edge and spine sizing often made to the very maximum the MCC regulations will allow us, depending on weight (produced in line with MCC law 5.7.2)

 A combination of unbelievable performance, astonishing size & attention to detail, and exceptional pick up will leave you amazed at the skill of the batmaker. ??

 Finished with premium 3D embossed white stickers with some gloss and gold effect to them, along with a very classy texture. Debatably some of the classiest stickers on the market.

 Complete with matching plain white grip

Size: Short Handle

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Black Label (Grade 1+), Limited Edition (Grade 1), Test Edition (Grade 2 UK Made)


2lb 8oz, 2lb 9oz, 2lb 10oz, 2lb 11oz


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